Anonymous asked: Hello, I dont know if you've already made it but if you haven't could you please make some gifs of Let's Go perf from FEEL tour (especially when she's screaming) thank you in advance i love your blog btw♥️

thank you!!! and of course, i’ll try to gif it sometime this coming week :)

The Singles Collection: Chase the Chance



SWEET 19 BLUES is Namie Amuro's first original studio album. The success of the album helped Amuro accomplish feats never realized by a female artist before and made her one of the most popular and successful Japanese artists of all time. Amuro, along with her landmark album, heavily influenced Japanese pop culture, from music and performance styles to fashion. At the time of its release, the 1,921,850 copies it sold in its first week was the largest opening sales week for an album ever in any country.